Science of Shiatsu:

  • Zen Shiatsu¬† uses thumbs,elbows,joints to massge.
  • It is based on the Flow of Qi energy in the Body.
  • Qi is an life energy that flow through body meridians.
  • If the flow of Qi energy is blocked then health fades thus leads to illness.
  • TCM Practioners release the blockages in the flow of energy in path(i.e Meridians),Thus restoring the health.
  • By Releasing the blockage,the Yin and Yang forces are balanced,Thus restoring the health.
  • Yin life force is positve¬† and Yang life force is negative both should be balanced to lead a happy life.
  • There are major 12 Meridians they are liver,large intenstine,spleen , stomach,heart,lungs,small intenstine,bladder,gall bladder,pericardium , triple warmer and kidney.