Science of Qi gong:

  • Qi is the energy flows through the meridians.
  • We does not know where the energy is came from,why it exists,but we know that energy is present and we can use which is gifted from nature .
Example :
  • We dont know when and why big bang occured. what causes big bang but we know that Big bang occured,But we use these energies to power our homes and others.
  1. Scientists research these energies to use it in a skillfull way.
  2. Qi gong teaches how to use the energy skillfully
  3. Scientifically,According to quantum physics we humans are made up of empty spaces.
  4. The empty spaces combined with quantum waves and particles that are vibrating make us see like solid objects.
  • Fan spins in high speedĀ  but it appears like a sphere but we know that it has leaf and spin in high speed so it visually appear like sphere.
  • But What we think if we dont know.we think that it is sphere.
  1. If electrical charge in our body flows well,the heart beats well.If electrical charge doesn’t flow it leads to cease of heart beat.if it partially flows this leads to heart attack.
  2. There are many exercises to enchance the energy in our body like Qi gong,Tai Chi,Yoga.
  3. The simplest one is Qi gong.
  4. Qi gong teaches us how to use energy to our advantage using simple exercises.
  5. it taps the energy path (i.e Meridians,that chinese researches thousand years ago).
  6. Qi gong teaches us to use the energy skillfully.