• A technique used for muscle tension, neck and shoulder pain, low back pain, and upper respiratory infections.
  • As with gua sha, it too stimulates the flow of blood and qi to the area to facilitate healing.
  • A vacuum is created in small glass cups which are then placed over specific areas of the body. 

Advantages of Cupping:

  • Increase the circulation of the blood.
  • Unblocks the block energy from the body.
  • It reduces the stress and anxiety.
  • Warms the skin.
  • Softens the skin.
  • Reduces the inflammation.

Disadvantages of Cupping:

  • It will sometimes lead to bruises and swelling in your body
  • Cause of burns are high.
  • During the cupping section therapy light headedness and dizziness occurs.
  • If the glass is same place for too long,then the changes of damages and blistering are high.